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This mornings session was a little challenging… it usually is with these ages trying to get a group shot! I do a portrait session with these cousins every year at this time, and this year we have a new little one added to the group! We didn’t think we got any good ones of the group shot but when I got them off the camera I found one……it isn’t perfect (not everyone smiling) but I think Grandma will be happy with it! 

Enjoy your sneak peek!








Tracy: Beautiful family Angela! Nice work!

Another amazing newborn today! This is the second one recently that has come into my studio and Mom tells me that they have been very fussy and are not sure how it is going to go! But once again she was out for almost the whole time and let me do just about whatever I wanted without much of a fuss!

I have been patiently waiting for her to be born after we did maternity/family shots the end of January…..but she was pretty comfy inside and decided finally after 2 weeks overdue to come out! 

I really enjoyed capturing this precious stage of life for you guys today! She is adorable and I am so glad you brought her in for Newborn portraits!







Tammy: Aaaaw, I'm loving the 1st, 2nd & 4th of the baby & the sibling shot is wonderful!

Mel Chern: Beautiful images Angela, I especially love the sibling shot. I can appreciate how difficult that must have been to get so PERFECT!!!!! You ROCKED it.

Angela came to my studio tonight for some Senior portraits,  but she is not graduating from High School she is a Senior in College.  She wasn’t happy with her senior portraits so she decided to do them again for her College graduation! We had so much fun tonight even if we did have to keep telling her to “put her eyebrows down” ….lol!

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek! Thanks for choosing me to do you portraits!




New Studio!

March 11, 2010

I am finally moving into the new studio this week…..I am so excited! I can’t wait till you all can see it. So here is a special I am running for the next 2 months. Sessions are limited so once they are booked that is it.

I will also be doing a open house soon with drawing and prizes… watch for those details!

 studio special

{AIDEN} 6 Months

March 6, 2010

As I have said many times before…..6 months old are so fun! Mom loves hats just as much as I do so she had ordered this hat for this session…..isn’t it cute?!  Just like any 6 month old he was so curious about everything so we had to work at getting smiles….but smiles or not he was adorable!

This was the last session in the old studio……I move into the new studio this next week! I am so excited and plan on having an open house soon so you all can come check it out!






March 1, 2010

This little girl is just beautiful! She was so good and such a natural in front of the camera. I really had a hard time narrowing down a few for the sneak peek…..I don’t think I got one bad picture! Mom better watch out in a few years ….I bet all the boys will be lining up!






Ellen: Amazing Job again Angela!!!!!! Love the stuff you have been doing lately!

Jen: The pictures turned out great! She's such a beautiful little girl, I just love her :)

Tammy: what a beauty she is! Great variety!