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Call/Email Early!

May 19, 2010

June is just about full! With my business growing a lot in the last year it is getting harder to book those last minute sessions so please take that into consideration when calling to book your session. If you have a specific time frame you want  your session to take place in you need to call/email early.

Seniors are so fun…..senior guys are a bit challenging at first though. They don’t want to do this but mom wants them…..well usually by the time we are done they realize that it isn’t so bad….lol! We had fun tonight trying to get “teeth” smiles as mom wanted a few like that….but he usually ended up laughing almost everytime and then me and mom would laugh too and that didn’t help!

Congrats on your upcoming graduation!





It was such a pleasure to meet the “J” family today…..such a sweet fun family! I had so much fun with this session!  Can’t wait to meet your baby boy in about 7 weeks!  Here is your “huge” sneak peek….I just couldn’t narrow it down there were so many amazing shots!









Mel Chern: Lovely images, what a good looking family. Can't wait to see you ROCK the newborn session!!!! Melissa

All my newborn boys from last spring-fall are all turning 1. And boy are 1 yr. olds busy…..he wasn’t walking yet but sure could crawl fast. He made us work for these…..but we got some adorable ones! He didn’t even want to sit still long enough to sit with Mommy for  a picture.

Here is one from his newborn session…….amazing how much they grow and change in just one year!



I just love his face in this one! Don’t worry I did get a cute smiling one too!





I just love this family! I first did their pics when “T” was 5mo. old and since then they have been coming to my studio at least once a year. and he is now 3 and just keeps getting cutier!  “T” was so fun today and he did such a good job especially since he had been sitting in the car for 3 hrs…….it was a little hard to get him to sit still but for the most part he did a great job!

Enjoy your sneak peek!




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This was a fun session! He has been walking for a few months now so it was a bit challenging since he is so sturdy on his feet…usually if one yr. olds just start walking then you aren’t chasing them so much, but not the case with this one. He loved the  balloons….he had them most of the time and if it wasn’t for those not sure if we would have gotten as many shots. Then we ended the session with the “Cake Smash”……my favorite part of one year sessions!  Happy 1yr. Birthday Gaige!





I haven’t seen “M” since the last time she came for some family portraits at 8 months and now she is 2! I just love seeing my clients when they come back from year to year and how much the kids have grown and changed so much. She was so good especially for a 2yr. in the studio and was just adorable. Her answer for everything that I asked her was No…..I did occasionally get a Yes….lol!

Here is your sneak peek!