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Ok I don’t really have time to write much right now so the next few post probably will  just be pictures……trying to stay caught up with all of these sessions. On that note though…..Sept. and October are quickly becoming filled up with sessions, if you want a session for this fall call or email soon.

What a fun session…..I used to babysit this young man and his sister many years ago and now he is SENIOR and his sister is babysitting for me! Makes me feel a bit old….lol! He definitely has gone from a cute little boy to a handsome man! I am so glad I got to do these for you Seth! Enjoy your Senior Year!

I have been doing Aidan’s portraits since he was 3 months old. We have always done hats at his other 2 sessions….either ones I had or ones Mom brought…but she decided not to do a hat this time….I was kinda looking forward to see what she had this time…they are always so cute!  But he was so cute today and he does this little butt scooch instead of crawling ……it is adorable! And I know that the cake picture looked like he enjoyed it but he cried the whole time and wouldn’t eat it, that is the first 1yr. old I have had do that.