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What a sweet family! The older boy didn’t want to much to do with getting his picture taken but he came around after a bit. Both the boys have such beautiful blue eyes! Thanks so much for coming to the studio….hope to see you guys again.

What an adorable little man Hayden is…..he was so sweet. He was a happy content boy for the session, but he did not want to get into a deep sleep for us and when he was awake he was wide awake!

What a perfect Christmas present for this couple……their first baby! She is just a week old and so adorable! She is also the first grandbaby on both sides of the family so she is already being spoiled…..Grandma loves buying all these cute headbands and hats for her! Enjoy your sneak peek and have a very Merry Christmas with your new little family!

Mary Martin: Proud maternal grandma here, love the preview! Can't wait to see the finished work. Simply beautiful!

Oh how cute Jordan was in this session…..she had me and grandma laughing a lot. Grandma brought a present for her to open but she wouldn’t open it…..she has been told not to touch for the last few weeks….lol! She is so adorable and I can’t believe how much her looks have changed from her 1 yr. session this summer.

I have ┬ábeing doing this little guy’s portraits since he was just 10 days old and he is so adorable! He was so much fun to have in the studio today. He didn’t care to eat his cake though… was so funny the faces he made when he got frosting on him, he did not like getting dirty. And I just loved his basketball cake his aunt made for him!