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Oh my goodness…..when I first saw this little guy I knew he must be a pretty big baby….sure enough 9lbs! This is the biggest baby in my studio so far. I just loved his cheeks and rolls….so cute! But I will have to say these late winter/spring babies are making me work lately…..they go to sleep for me but they don’t last long, so takes a while to get one shot. But it is all worth it in the end!

I just love this family and it has been a whole year since I have seen them…..when I did Miss Noelle’s newborn pics. Big sisters could not wait to come and see me which I just loved…that means that I am doing my job and making this a fun experience! Unfortunately Noelle was not feeling too good, so she was pretty grumpy through most of the session but we did manage to get some good ones of her!

Big Sisters enjoying the leftover cake 🙂

And baby #3 from my  Jan/Feb. maternity sessions is here…..all girls! And she was just beautiful too!

Another fun session!  They all did so well even Thomas who is 1.5!  Such cute kids and I loved their outfits! And we found out during the session that Maddison is in my daughters gymnastics class…..she recognized a picture of them on the studio wall! Enjoy your sneak peek!

I was expecting this to be a bit of a challenging session since a baby and one 2yr. old usually is, then when you add 2yr. twins in and a baby. But  they did very well and they are so cute! Mom wanted mainly pics of the baby since he hadn’t any yet so after we did a few of the 3 of them we focused on him……he was full of smiles too! It was great meeting you guys and enjoy your sneak peek!